Optem Machine Vision Lenses

Fixed-Magnification Optical System Economical and Repeatable Micro Imaging

  • Economical Micro Imaging
  • Zoom 125 Lower Module Adapter
  • Long-Working, Right-Angle Module
  • Dual-Magnification Module
  • LED Coaxial Illuminators
  • Optem M-Plan APO Objectives
  • Infinity Macro Lens Accessory

RetroZoom 65 6.5:1 Lens System Modular Flexibility and Simplicity

  • Specifically designed to provide today’s machine vision OEM with a plug-and-run replacement for alternative brand 6.5:1 zoom lenses
  • Combines zoom, function and illumination options into one compact body, assuring seamless integration, comparable space requirements and streamlined ordering and inventory
  • Delivers flexibility and exacting performance with a variety of Zoom core options, TV Tubes, and Accessories to choose from

Zoom 70XL 7:1 Lens System Exceptional Reliability

  • Delivers a guaranteed 250,000 cycles without mechanical failure, ideal for demanding and mission critical applications
  • LED Coaxial Illuminators
  • Dual-Magnification Accessory
  • Long-Working Right Angle Module
  • Optem M-Plan APO Objectives

Zoom 125C 12.5:1 Lens System Extended Zoom Range

  • Delivers extended micro-imaging zoom performance
  • LED Coaxial Illuminators
  • Infinity Macro Lens
  • Optem M-Plan APO Objectives

Zoom 160 16:1 Optical System Superior Optical Performance

  • Delivers optical performance rivaling that of benchtop research microscopes
  • Features the signature Optem® modular design, affording application-specific configuration flexibility by simply interchanging Upper Zoom Modules and Lower Function Modules with a wide variety of automation, magnification and illumination accessories

NIR Zoom 70XL 7:1 Optical System 630 - 2000nm

  • Specifically designed to meet the machine vision, inspection and R&D needs of specialized near-infrared imaging applications
  • Chromatically corrected for optimal performance across the 630 – 2000nm spectral band, incorporating a revolutionary anti-reflection coating for increased transmission and exceptional image quality and contrast, maintaining parfocality and delivering 0.024 – 0.80 nominal NA across the entire zoom range
  • Guarantees a minimum of 250,000 cycles without mechanical failure, ideal for automated applications

Telecentric Zoom 100 10:1 Optical System Unprecedented <0.1% Distortion

  • Patented 10:1 Zoom Optical System that delivers telecentric imaging with less than 0.1% distortion across the entire zoom range
  • Zero Vignetting
  • E-Iris Version Guarantees 400,000 Cycle