VICON Video Management Software

ViconNet 5.0 Video Management System with Open Platform for Hybrid Systems

  • Support for megapixel and IP cameras, both Vicon and third party
  • Integrated ViconNet VI video intelligence with the ViconNet interface
  • System management from any networked PC running ViconNet software
  • Integration with leading access control systems
  • Flexible display options, including a true virtual matrix, a 64-camera viewer and a 16:9 GUI for widescreen monitors
  • Logical camera groups for easy camera call up independent of physical location
  • Flexible FPS settings save storage by viewing at one rate and recording at another
  • Museum Search and analytics search
  • Alarm alerts via Email or text to your PC or PDA
  • Alarm Investigation Tool - call up corresponding video directly from alarm reports

ViconNet Virtual Matrix Controller Displays any camera on any monitor over the network

  • Enhances existing ViconNet system to simulate crosspoint matrix functionality
  • Displays any ViconNet camera on any monitor over the network
  • Utilizes KRX-3 to decode network video to analog
  • Displays video on any composite, S-Video or VGA monitor
  • Offers simple and intuitive graphical user interface to control the Virtual Matrix
  • Fully compatible with Vicon keypads for camera selection and control
  • Offers alarm management and monitor titling functionality
  • Supports wall designs typical of large-scale security command centers
  • Works in conjunction with any other ViconNet viewing software

ViconNet VI Video Analytics Module

  • Facilitates the monitoring of 1000’s of cameras in real time, efficiently and affordably
  • Detects and distinguishes objects in motion such as people, vehicles, animals, etc.
  • Prepackaged rules for people or objects moving in or out of a specified range; missing or moved objects; crowding and loitering; and more
  • Multiple rules can be applied for each camera and custom rules can be created for special situations
  • Schedule-based rules allow different rules for day, night, weekends, time-of-day, etc.
  • Integrates with analog, digital and hybrid systems
  • Scalable modular approach allows features to be added to your ViconNet system at any time
  • Set up and confi gure the system right out of the box

VN-VIEWER-64 Camera Viewer Application

  • View up to 64 cameras from one PC
  • Connect up to 4 monitors to one PC
  • Compatible with ViconNet 4.0 systems and later
  • Can be used to create large, multi-monitor display areas when combined with the Virtual Matrix Controller